Meet The Team 


Say "Hey" to Your Manager(s)

This is Cayla Payne. She has been with the company for about two years. With her time within the company, she has been able to meet new people and help others achieve their goals. She was promoted to Assistant manager back in Summer 21' and then Sales Manager Summer of 22'. In January 23' she was promoted to run the Arlington Office. Her goal is to help others continue to strive and achieve their personal goals and work towards bettering themselves.  


Celeste Nambo Mid-Cities Distict Manager 

Celeste has been in the business since 2011, started as a representative hit 2 promotions in her first 2 days of work. Moved up to a district manager in 2015 was #1 New Manager in Texoma that summer and has then promoted other representatives to run their own offices. Over 147K In personal sales and 3.5Million in office sales! 


Mason LesterIrving District Manager 

Mason joined the company in May of 2023 working part time as a sales rep. He was promoted to Assistant Manager in 2023, then became a Field Sales Manager in early 2024. He became a District Manager of our Irving office in May of 2024.


Bria NisbetArlington Branch Manager 

This Is Bria Nisbet, she has been with us since 2022 starting as a rep and worked her way up to Branch Manager.  She Is attending college at The University of Arkansas, and Is over 40K In personal sales,